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2017:  Four Garnett Business Receive Kansas Department of Commerce Awards
2017 Merit Award Winner

517 S. Oak Street, Garnett


Full service bank.

22800 NW 1700 Road, Garnett


Bulk discount grocery, deli and ice cream counter.

Farmers State Bank was nominated by the City of Garnett .
 The Farmers State Bank of Blue Mound has 3  locations in Kansas: Blue Mound, Garnett and Pleasanton. The Farmers State Bank of Blue Mound purchased the former Garnett Savings and Loan facility in 1990, located at 517 S. Oak Street. They are a full service bank offering agricultural, commercial, home and personal loans, checking and savings accounts, CDs and debit cards.
 The bank employs 6 full-time employees and 1 work study at the Garnett location with 18 employees overall.
 They have continually improved the outside appearance of their building and property in Garnett with trees that blossom in the spring and ornate concrete sidewalks.  These aesthetically pleasing upgrades along Business Highway US 169 (6th Avenue) and Oak Street are very much appreciated by the City. Their staff is always pleasant and helpful.
  The Farmers State Bank is a great supporter of schools, churches and fire department fundraising activities, special events, fairs and 4-H.
  "The Farmers State Bank has been a great partner in this community.  Their commitment to their Garnett location is worthy of this recognition and the City of Garnett thanks them for all they do", says City Manager Joyce Martin.


2017 Merit Award Winner


2017 Merit Award Winner

Prairie Belle's Kitchen & Catering

Prairie Belle’s Kitchen and Catering was nominated by the City of Garnett.
 Prairie Belle's Kitchen and Catering is a restaurant serving homemade specials and desserts each day. They serve a full breakfast and lunch, including a fresh salad bar, soups and specialty coffees.  The also have a full-service catering company and can do in-house or on-site catering. Prairie Belle's is a prime example of a business that started at home and then evolved and grew from a catering business to a restaurant.
 The McGhee family took on a restaurant after years of catering events.  “We (The City) are mindful of the commitment and dedication they have put forth and the sacrifices they have made to share their talent of great food preparation, presentation and hospitality,” states City Manager Joyce Martin. “They could have remained just a catering company.  Because they saw a beautiful building sitting idle, and a community that had a craving for an exceptional restaurant, Prairie Belle's    answered the call and came to our rescue.  They have never received any awards or accolades of which they are very       deserving of.”
  Prairie Belle's, located at 130 E. 5th Avenue is owned by Danelle McGhee and her mother-in-law Christy McGhee.  They believe their partnership is a unique piece of information when accepting this nomination.  When seeing this pair at work you know immediately what a great combo they make.  Danelle and Christy work alongside their employees each day and perform the same tasks and duties as their employees, from washing dishes to cleaning bathrooms.  They take pride in presenting a very clean restaurant with homemade, fresh food each day. They are very attentive when it comes to their display and degree of elegance with their catering.

Awarded annually by the Kansas Department of Commerce

2017 Merit Award Winner
  • Three Garnett Businesses Receive Merit Awards from a list of 44 Merit Honorees

Farmers State Bank

Business Appreciation - Merit Awards

Yoder's Country Store and Deli

130 E. 5th Avenue, Garnett

785.448.2253 (BAKE)

Restaurant and catering service.

Old Schoolhouse

32528 NE Norton Road, Garnett (Scipio)


Full service photography studio

Rockers Photography

Rockers Photography was nominated by the City of Garnett.
 Rockers Photography is a family owned, full service studio located  at 32528 NE Norton Road in the Old Rock Schoolhouse at Scipio (rural Garnett).  For 35 years they have served numerous generations in Anderson County and surrounding areas. Rockers Photography has remained a leading senior portrait studio in southeast Kansas. Their storybook weddings create priceless keepsakes for couples and their family and children's' portraiture. The Rockers team are seen frequently throughout the  Garnett area photographing events and sports activities.
 During the conception of starting their own business Ben and Katie Rockers acquired the use of an older school house for their business. The buildings purchased include a one room rock school building built in 1875 and attached building made of brick, built in 1912.  The Rockers renovated each of these buildings rich in local history for the "local family" (Rockers family is quite large in this area), and the unincorporated community of Scipio in Anderson County.  "It's been an honor to photograph as historians and portrait photographers the many families of generations, community and events.  As a family-owned business, each of us believe that in giving of our skills and talents it will help to make our towns, cities and communities stronger, as well as our fellow local businesses." - Ben and Katie Rockers.
 “The Old Rock Schoolhouse” is a place where every high school senior for miles around comes to get their graduation pictures taken.  The atmosphere is a very fitting place to set the mood for this.
 Rockers is very involved in continued education through the Kansas Professional Photographers Association, attending its annual school, as well as Katie Rockers is an administrator for the school.  Rockers Photography continue to be recognized by their peers, statewide and nationally.
 Owner Ben is active in the community as an EMT qualified First Responder, volunteer firefighter for Greeley, and a member of the Optimist Club and Knights of Columbus.  Doing business as Rockers Photography they support, market and advertise to promote organizations and events. Many times they provide full-color posters, graphic design work and photography to the Chamber Players Community Theatre,  Greeley Smokeoff, the Anderson County Fair, Cornstock, and are very big supporters of WINGS (Women In Need Gaining Strength, a cancer support organization.) Rockers Photography hosts annual events, such as Girls Night Out, a 5K run fundraiser and a Mother/Daughter Tea.
 Rockers Photography is a behind the scenes supporter of the community in many ways. “When you think of how important every business is in your community, seldom is the person or persons given accolades who captures the experiences; the  moments in time you never get to relive again.  Rockers Photography is a family business in more than one way. Their profession may be taking pictures, but what they do builds pride, develops a sense of belonging to a place.  Some may say the value of photography due to everyone having a cell phone camera may have diminished. But we beg to differ with you when it comes to this iconic business in Anderson County.  Rockers Photography continues to evolve. Their legacy as a business, family and as volunteers will forever leave a lasting impression on the City of Garnett”, said Joyce Martin, City Manager.

Yoder’s Country Store and Deli was nominated by the City of Garnett.
  Yoder's Country Store is one of those unique gems a community is lucky to have. This country store sits a couple of miles outside of Garnett and over the last 3 years has become a regular daily stop for many locals, while enticing people from surrounding counties.
  Yoder's provides groceries at discount prices and keeps its deli and ice cream counter pricing where everyone, from a small child to a retired farmer, walks away full and happy.  Each day you will see farm trucks, tractors, horse and buggies, as well as  family cars parked in the large gravel parking lot.  In the summertime it is the place to stop on the way to Garnett's Cedar Valley Reservoir.  RV's and campers, boaters and ATV enthusiast stop by Yoder's Country Store to stock up for their weekend adventure at our city lakes.
  Those who enjoy the holidays and baking traditions love this store with its huge variety of baking and cooking supplies, from chocolate chips to flour, to spices and herbs packaged by weight in different sizes depending upon your desire.
  On occasion, Garnett Tourism has made Yoder's Country Store a tour stop when bus tours come to town for its country charm and small town hospitality that many city folk just can’t find.  They were a 2017 nominee for Business of the Year during the Garnett Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet.
  "Yoder's Country Store fills a void; an experience, that is a precious commodity in our community", says City Manager Joyce Martin.  "Until you can say you've eaten a Rooster (name of their biggest deli sandwich), you haven't lived."