Celebrating Community Champions

Attention civic organizations

  The City of Garnett announces a special event to be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, at 6 p.m. in the Anderson County High School Commons Area and Auditorium. 
  "Celebrating Community Champions and Everyday Heroes" will begin with a reception including complimentary refreshments in the high school commons area, followed by a program at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. 
  What is a Community Champion or Everyday Hero?  Essentially, individuals who are non-paid, active volunteers. This celebration will recognize and honor all members of advisory boards and show appreciation to those who volunteer with recreation programs, library and other capacities for the City of Garnett.  Also included in this event will be the recognition of civic service by community organizations and individuals who give of themselves, their time and skills selflessly to make Garnett a better place to live, work and play.  While all champions and everyday heroes are invited, everyone in Garnett and the surrounding area are strongly encouraged to attend this event to see what it is about.
  There are many reasons this event is taking place:
- Bring together those individuals and groups that champion community activities and causes to network, and perhaps work together on projects;
-  To help everyone in the local area gain a better understanding of the role of city advisory boards and civic organizations;
-   Provide an opportunity for citizens to learn how to get involved if they so choose;
-  To engage the public in learning how their community participation can directly relate to tourism, bringing visitors and new residents to the area, add value to the quality of life amenities (i.e., indoor/outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyles), foster entrepreneurship, create new businesses and job opportunities, revitalize business districts, beautify neighborhoods, improve transportation infrastructure, stimulate housing development and improvement, and directly influence a sense of pride in the community.

  Make plans now to join us on Wednesday, February 20 at the Anderson County High School.

Please Attend  this celebration!

They look like everyday people. But if you follow them you will see they lead to greatness.

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and Everyday Heroes

An email (eblast will be coming your way soon).  If you do not receive the eblast by Friday, February 1, please email us. We want to be sure we have done our best to include everyone.

Join us February 20, 2019...


of recognition as an "Everyday Hero"?  Please let us know! Complete this form and submit.

Please note: Individuals must reside in the Garnett area. Thank you.

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