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Current Cases in Anderson County -                10

​Current Hospitalizations in Anderson County     5

Total Hospitalizations in Anderson County        13

​Total Deaths of Anderson County Residents      0

Total Recoveries in Anderson County -           716

Total Positive Cases in Anderson County       726

Total Negative Tests in Anderson County    2,291

Total Negative Tests in Kansas                862,293

Total Positive Cases in Kansas                263,412

Total Hospitalizations in Kansas                  7,930

Kansans Lost to COVID-19                         3,575

Information for Anderson County may differ from KDHE reporting. Anderson County information is obtained from County Health Officer.


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The Phase We are In

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​​​LATEST COVID-19 SUMMARY- 01.21.21

Governor Kelly Announces New Mask Mandate Order

The purpose of this document is to help the community understand different terminology and scenarios involving CoVID-19. Due to the ever-changing nature of the situation, when updates occur, this document will be updated.

Isolation – Keeps someone who is sick or tested positive for CoVID-19 away from others, even in their own home.
Quarantine – Keeps someone who was in close contact with someone who has CoVID-19 away from others.
Close Contact – Having been within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes of a person who is positive for CoVID-19. Examples: riding in car, sitting at dinner table, watching a movie on the same couch.  14 days mandatory quarantine from last time with positive case.

  • **While research indicates masks may help in limiting transmission, the degree of protection, if any, will depend on the type of mask used and if the mask was used properly and consistently during exposure to a symptomatic or asymptomatic person with COVID-19. Therefore, the determination of close contact should be made irrespective of whether the person with COVID-19 or the contact was wearing a mask. Because the general public has not received training on proper selection and use of respiratory PPE, it cannot be certain whether respiratory PPE worn during contact with an individual with COVID-19 infection protected them from exposure. Therefore, the determination of close contact should generally be made irrespective of whether the contact, or the case, was wearing respiratory PPE, which is recommended for health care personnel and other trained users, or a mask recommended for the general public.

Household Contact - Persons living in the house with positive, 24 days mandatory quarantine minimum, can change depending on the disposition of the positive case or if anyone else in household becomes positive.
Person Under Investigation (PUI) - A Person Under Investigation (PUI) is someone who is suspected of having COVID-19 disease because of symptoms or exposure (travel-related or exposure to a known case). A person who is being tested for COVID-19 because they are suspected of having the disease is required to be in isolation until test results are received.


How long is my quarantine if I’m exposed to a case of COVID-19? An exposure to a case-related quarantine is for 14 days, starting with the day after your last contact with the case. If you do not develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your quarantine period, then you are released from quarantine at the end of the 14 days.
What happens if I develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while I am in quarantine?

Symptoms of COVID-19 include a measured fever of 100.4' (F) or higher and lower respiratory symptoms like coughing or shortness of breath.
 If the symptoms you develop during your 14-day quarantine are mild and you normally would not seek healthcare, stay home for:
• 10 days from the onset of symptoms, OR
 • 72 hours after fever is gone without the use of fever reducing medication AND there has been a significant improvement in symptoms;
If you have shortness of breath and need to call 911, notify the dispatch personnel that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 while traveling. If possible, put on a facemask before emergency medical services arrive. If you have a question about getting tested for COVID-19, call your health care provider or your local health department 785-448-6559. If you have general questions, contact your local county health department, or KDHE at 877-427-7317.
If I develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while I am in quarantine, and my test comes back negative, do I still need to finish out my 14-day quarantine?
Yes, you will need to finish your 14-day quarantine. A negative test result does not allow a patient to end quarantine early.
Do I need to be in isolation if I am waiting for test results?
Yes, if you are considered a Person Under Investigation
• A Person Under Investigation (PUI) is someone who is suspected of having COVID-19 disease because of symptoms or exposure (travel-related or exposure to a known case). A person who is being tested for COVID-19 because they are suspected of having the disease is required to be in isolation until test results are received.
 No, if you are being tested for another purpose, such as a test before surgery (i.e. pre-operative screening test) you are not required to isolate while waiting for results.
Possible outcomes of the test result include:
• If the test result is positive, then the person becomes a case or
• If the test result is negative and the person has a known exposure (travel-related or exposure to a known case), then the person must finish their quarantine period, or
• If the test result is negative and there was no known exposure, then the person is released from isolation.

  Positive case:  10 days mandatory isolation minimum, can extend depending on symptoms
Who has the authority to issue and enforce isolation and quarantine orders?
Each county’s local Health Officer, as well as the Kansas State Health Officer, Dr. Lee Norman, has the authority to issue isolation and quarantine orders. For the most part, people will isolate and quarantine themselves without written orders. However, if someone violates a mandatory isolation or quarantine, a written order may be needed. Local law enforcement may be enlisted to help enforce an isolation or quarantine order.

These guidelines are up to date as of October 23, 2020.

Additional information can be found at

Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) :


Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Departments, Garnett/Anderson County:


Anderson County Emergency Management: 


“As COVID-19 continues to spread through Kansas communities and hospitalizations increase at concerning rates, it is clear we must take action to protect our communities and our economy,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “Today’s actions are a bipartisan package of recommendations from legislators, health professionals, and business leaders to increase participation in commonsense COVID-19 prevention practices.”  
   E.O. #20-68 takes effect beginning 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, November 25, and will remain in place until rescinded or until the current statewide State of Disaster Emergency expires – whichever is earlier. 
  “My administration recognizes that each Kansas county is faced with unique challenges – and a one-size-fits-all approach can be difficult for some communities to navigate,” Governor Kelly said. “The order allows local officials one week to craft and implement their own version of a face covering ordinance that works for them and their communities.”
  Under the order, Kansans shall wear face coverings when inside public spaces, or in situations where physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained. Guidance regarding specific locations or situations in which face coverings should be worn is outlined within the order. Read complete press release


  PLEASE NOTE: The Anderson County Commission voted 2-1 to opt out of this executive order during the November 23, 2020 Commission Meeting. However, it is still highly recommended by the Board of County Commissioners to wear face masks when you are unable to social distance.

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Executive orders will mandate the postponing of schools openings in Kansas until September 9th and mandate mask requirements, temperature checks, social distancing and other CDC guidelines. Local schools plan to open August 19, 2020. For information, visit


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