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  First of all- THANK YOU for your support of our Garnett community as we journey through the Coronavirus global pandemic together.  We invite you to use your time wisely by taking part in Simply Garnett Bingo!  One you have mastered BINGO (5 spaces in a line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal), please complete the form below and submit. Please submit a Bingo form for each 5-space line your complete.  If you like to download and print the Bingo card and form, see button on this page.
  For you overachievers, if you BLACKOUT (complete all 25 spaces), please complete the form checking all the boxes.
  On Monday, May 4, 2020 and Monday, May 11, 2020, we will have prize drawings for those that BINGO and for those that have reached BLACKOUT status.

  EXTRA CREDIT:  Post a comment of your BINGO and BLACKOUT successes on the Garnett Facebook page. Share a positive comment about 1 or 2 (or more) Simply Garnett Bingo board spaces that you checked off that made you feel good after you completed the tasks. We will be watching, and we will add an extra entry into the prize drawing for each individual’s BINGO that is followed with a Facebook comment on our Facebook page,

  WHAT YOU CAN WIN: We will be giving away some t-shirts, water bottles, Chamber Bucks and giveaways (TBA) from Garnett area businesses. The winner of the BLACKOUT drawing will receive $100 in Chamber Bucks. 
  Due to COVID19 “Stay Home” guidelines, we will be giving prizes to individuals in Anderson County, but once restrictions are lifted, we reserve the right to open this up to those of you missing your time in Garnett!

PLEASE NOTE:  Persons must complete the tasks on the BINGO board for this challenge individually. If your family wants to do it together, they can, but each person must do each task themselves (no sharing credit!).

Together, we can overcome. Let’s all do our part in #MakingGarnettGreat and #AndersonCountyStrong!

MIKE NORMAN - BLACKOUT WINNER, $100 in Chamber Bucks!


Jessica Byrd - T-Shirt Winner
Helen Norman - 2 Night Camping Permit Winner
Sarah Hulcy - T-Shirt Winner
Jayme Secrest - 1 Month Individual Rec Center Membership Winner
Thank you to all the winners for playing Simply Garnett BINGO! We will be contacting you to arrange pick-up/delivery of prizes.  

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Complete the form below or download and print using button above.


We Challenge You to BINGO!    We Double Dare You to BLACKOUT!

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Simply...Fun! is made possible by Garnett Community Development and Tourism, and those that support the City of Garnett, Kansas.

Simply Garnett BINGO!

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