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07/03/2020 - PLEASE READ:

Anderson County Resolution 20-21... "The use of face masks in public is not mandatory or required;

THAT the Board strongly encourages its citizens to wear a mask, practice social distancing, practice basic principles of hygiene, and to comply with the guidelines of EO 20-52, but that none of these measures will be compelled by force of law."


Executive Order 20-52, effective 07/03/20, requires the wearing of a mask or face covering in public spaces and outlines specifics to this requirement, exceptions.

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Anderson County is currently in the extension period of Phase 3. 

Please Note: The Anderson County Courthouse and county facilities will open to the public on June 1, 2020. Some offices will continue by appointment only. Please visit the Anderson County Website.

The City has receive no formal letter from the County or County Health Officer but the following statement was received by email on June 22, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.:

"Governor Kelly and her officials recommend that we stay in phase 3 for 2 more weeks (July 6th at the earliest). I, as the SEK Health Officer, recommend Allen, Anderson, Bourbon and Woodson Counties stay in phase 3 until July 6th. See for the Ad Astra plan."

Rebecca Johnson
SEK Multi-County Health Departments

If you have been following the progress since this Covid-19 global pandemic became evident in Kansas, you have seen the many, many changes through our CORONAVIRUS page and our BEGIN TO REOPEN page (formerly "Open Garnett Again"). We had to wipe the slate clean and create a new, updated OPEN GARNETT AGAIN page to make sure you see the latest, valuable information first. So, here we go...

The commitment the citizens of Garnett and Anderson County have given to protect our families, friends and neighbors; to be patient through the Stay Home Order, and to come together, yet distant, to help one another to persevere during this unprecedented time, we just want you to know-         we admire and applaud you.

JUNE 8, 2020:Anderson County continues into Phase 3 as of June 3rd. Some County offices and facilities will reopen to the public, while others will see the public by appointment only. Please visit the County website for information,

  The Garnett Recreation Center will resume 24-hour access for members as of June 9, 2020, with certain restrictions. Discussion on possibly opening the municipal swimming pool will be held June 9th during the City Commission meeting.

  The Garnett Public Library is in the process of a "soft open" with limiting hours and social distancing. There are no "in-person" programs at this time. The Archer Room is not available for rent until further notice.Learn more.

  Garnett Municipal Court resumes on Thursday, June 11th with some restrictions and guidelines in place. Learn more.

JUNE 1, 2020:  Anderson County Releases COVID-19 Guidelines.  At this time the Anderson County Board of County Commissioners is not issuing any of its own orders and will follow the guidance of the Local Health Officer. The Board encourages citizens and businesses to continue to follow the guidance and structure from the Governor's Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas", as well as Federal recommendations for health and safety. See Statement.

MAY 26, 2020:  The Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas becomes a "guidance document", allowing local governments to oversee the opening of their communities. This is with the recommendations provided by the local Health Officer.   Therefore, Anderson County has extended the Declaration of Emergency another 60 days, thus allowing FEMA and other state and federal assistance. The local Health Officer has offered a statement recommending that individuals and businesses in Anderson County adhere to the phase-in guidance of the State's Plan to Reopen Kansas through its entirety.  We are currently in Phase 2 of this plan.

  Please see the links to documents provided below, and resources on this page.

JUNE 8, 2020: The City of Garnett was awarded $132,000, and Anderson County was awarded $132,000 through the State of Kansas Community Development Block Grant CV Program, CARES Act. These funds are for area businesses to use for inventory, wages, utilities and everyday expenses. Learn more



As of June 6, we are in Phase 3 until further notice.

JUNE 16, 2020: Testing confirmed a positive COVID-19 case. This makes the second confirmed case within the last few days. A positive case was confirmed on June 13th also. In both instances, the individuals and their immediate family are in quarantine at this time. Please click images (right) to view letter from the County Health Officer.

  These two (2) recent accounts are the only current confirmed cases in the county. Previously, the last known case was confirmed on May 9th and the individual has recovered, making a total case count of three.

  We encourage you to please practice safety regarding Covid-19. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider or the County Health Department.

UPDATED: 05.26.2020

MAY 27, 2020:  The Health Officer of Anderson County is now recommending businesses with buffets and/or self-serve food and beverage stations to be allowed to open those self-service areas for customers. Guidelines, however, remain in place. Please view  Press Release for full details.  


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Documents released May 26, 2020:

Open Garnett Again

From the initial "shutdown" through our beginning to reopen, see these links:

Changes in the phase-in schedule as follows (tentative):
Phase 2 - May 22
Phase 3 - June 8 (Current Phase)
Phase Out - TBA

The Phase We are In