If you have been following the progress since this Covid-19 global pandemic became evident in Kansas, you have seen the many, many changes through our CORONAVIRUS page and our BEGIN TO REOPEN page (formerly "Open Garnett Again"). We had to wipe the slate clean and create a new, updated OPEN GARNETT AGAIN page to make sure you see the latest, valuable information first. So, here we go...


Documents released May 26, 2020:

Open Garnett Again

From the initial "shutdown" through our beginning to reopen, see these links:

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MAY 26, 2020:  The Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas becomes a "guidance document", allowing local governments to oversee the opening of their communities. This is with the recommendations provided by the local Health Officer.   Therefore, Anderson County has extended the Declaration of Emergency another 60 days, thus allowing FEMA and other state and federal assistance. The local Health Officer has offered a statement recommending that individuals and businesses in Anderson County adhere to the phase-in guidance of the State's Plan to Reopen Kansas through its entirety.  We are currently in Phase 2 of this plan.

  Please see the links to documents provided below, and resources on this page.

UPDATED: 05.26.2020

MAY 27, 2020:  The Health Officer of Anderson County is now recommending businesses with buffets and/or self-serve food and beverage stations to be allowed to open those self-service areas for customers. Guidelines, however, remain in place. Please view  Press Release for full details.  


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Changes in the phase-in schedule as follows (tentative):
Phase 2 - May 22
Phase 3 - June 8
Phase Out - June 22

Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Please Note: The Anderson County Courthouse and county facilities will open to the public on June 1, 2020. Some offices will continue by appointment only. Please visit the Anderson County Website.

The commitment the citizens of Garnett and Anderson County have given to protect our families, friends and neighbors; to be patient through the Stay Home Order, and to come together, yet distant, to help one another to persevere during this unprecedented time, we just want you to know-         we admire and applaud you.

Confirmed Cases in Anderson County*           1

(*Case recovered as of May 18, 2020)

Confirmed Cases in Kansas                     9,719

Confirmed Negative Tests in Kansas      85,230

Hospitalizations in Kansas                           842

Kansans Lost to COVID-19                         208