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ACDA Office - Inside Garnett City Hall

131 West 5th Avenue, P.O. Box H

Garnett, Kansas  66032 USA

"There has never been a better time to relocate or start a new business in Anderson County." - Dennis Arnold, Economic Development Director

Your business connection for Garnett and Anderson County, Kansas.

Anderson County Economic Development Agency


Anderson County Economic Development Incentives may include:
    •  Technical Assistance.
    •  Relocation / Expansion Grants.
City of Garnett Incentives for Economic Development Industrial Development Incentives may include:
    •  Property Tax Abatement.
    •  Waiver of Zoning Fees.
    •  Waiver of Utility Connection Fees.
    •  Waiver of Utility Security Deposit.
    •  Waiver of Solid Waste Fees for first three (3) months.

City of Garnett Business Programs:
    •  Neighborhood Revitalization Program offers participants up to

       95% property tax rebate for five (5) to eight (8) years.
        Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
        Application  (Also available in Greeley.)
    •  Business Facility Improvement Loan Program

       (No interest loan.)
        Loan Application
    •  Commercial Sidewalk Replacement Program.
        Sidewalk Application

State of Kansas Business Incentives:
    •  High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP).
    •  Kansas Industrial Retraining Program.
    •  Kansas Industrial Training Program.
    •  Schools to Careers Program.
    •  Training Equipment Grant Program.
    •  Kansas Economic Opportunity Initiatives Fund.
    •  Kansas Existing Industries Expansion Program.
    •  Kansas Partnership Fund.

Anderson County Economic Development Financing may include:

  • Garnett / Anderson County Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund, up to $45,000 - Application.

State of Kansas Business Financing may include:

Anderson County Development Agency (ACDA) is actively seeking new and expanding companies who will contribute economic growth to the area through sales, services and employment of area residents.  Garnett and rural Anderson County is an ideal location for your business. Come grow with us!

Dennis Arnold, Executive Director