Simply...Garnett, Kansas

​Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Simply...Garnett, Kansas


ACDA Office - Inside Garnett City Hall

131 West 5th Avenue, P.O. Box H

Garnett, Kansas  66032 USA

Telephone: 785.504.4265

How Can YOUR Business Take Advantage of Some of that Federal Money?
The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers grants to rural small businesses to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. 
Grants are being awarded for nearly any project that saves energy--e.g., new lighting, windows, air compressors, heating and cooling, better insulation, etc.
REAP is providing grants to small businesses in small towns for 25% of the cost of making energy efficiency improvements to their facilities. Renewable energy projects are also eligible for assistance under this program. 

Eligible applicants
Rural small businesses--"Rural" means the projects is located in an area with a population of less than 50,000. "Small" is as defined by SBA and depends on business type--typically less than 500 employees and revenues under $6.5 million. Check the Small Business Administration website (click here) to determine whether you quality as a small business. 
Majority ownership must be held by US citizens or permanent residents and the applicant must own and control the system, though a qualified third-party may be engaged to operate it.
Nonprofits, schools, cities, counties, and public projects are NOT eligible.

Eligible purposes
Purchase and installation in a rural location of non-residential energy efficiency improvements to a building or process resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Strong preference is given for technology that is "commercially available" --i.e., that has a proven operating history and has an established design, installation, and service industry. Pre-commercial technologies, i.e. those that have emerged through the R&D process and have commercial potential, may qualify but require substantially more documentation. 

The USDA has contracted with energy consultant Mark Easter to assist small businesses across Kansas to participate in this program. Hogsett maintains an office in Montgomery County and may be contacted at (620) 714-1700. 

Anderson County Economic Development Agency


Anderson County Economic Development Incentives may include:
    •  Technical Assistance.
    •  Relocation / Expansion Grants.
City of Garnett Incentives for Economic Development Industrial Development Incentives may include:
    •  Property Tax Abatement.
    •  Waiver of Zoning Fees.
    •  Waiver of Utility Connection Fees.
    •  Waiver of Utility Security Deposit.
    •  Waiver of Solid Waste Fees for first three (3) months.

City of Garnett Business Programs:
    •  Neighborhood Revitalization Program offers participants up           to 95% property tax rebate for five (5) to eight (8) years.

        Garnett NRP - Brochure   Application

        Greeley NRP - Brochure   Application
    •  Business Facility Improvement Loan Program

       (No interest loan.)
        Loan Application
    •  Commercial Sidewalk Replacement Program.
        Sidewalk Application

State of Kansas Business Incentives:
    •  High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP).
    •  Kansas Industrial Retraining Program.
    •  Kansas Industrial Training Program.
    •  Schools to Careers Program.
    •  Training Equipment Grant Program.
    •  Kansas Economic Opportunity Initiatives Fund.
    •  Kansas Existing Industries Expansion Program.
    •  Kansas Partnership Fund.

Garnett is now an Affiliate Main Street Program City!

About the Affiliate Main Street Program: 

The City of Garnett received its Main Street affiliate designation in 2021.

  "Main Street" is a self-help, technical assistance program that targets revitalization and preservation of downtown districts through the development of a comprehensive strategy based on four points: organization, design, promotion and economic vitality. The program has a long history of success throughout the United States and in Kansas.

  To expand the program’s reach and bring some of the same downtown revitalization tools to more communities, the Affiliate Community program has been created. Participation as an Affiliate Community will allow up to four people from the community to attend training and technical service sessions normally reserved for designated Kansas Main Street communities.

Anderson County Economic Development Financing may include:

  • Garnett / Anderson County Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund, up to $45,000 - Application.

State of Kansas Business Financing may include:

Anderson County Development Agency (ACDA) is actively seeking new and expanding companies who will contribute economic growth to the area through sales, services and employment of area residents.  Garnett and rural Anderson County is an ideal location for your business. Come grow with us!