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The City of Garnett is an equal opportunity employer with benefits for full-time employees that include vacation leave, sick leave, paid holidays, health and life insurance, KPERS retirement, training and more.

Job descriptions of current openings will be provided on this page of the official City of Garnett website. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Nancy Hermreck, Director of Human Resources at Garnett City Hall. 

The Garnett Parks and Recreation Department is taking applications for umpires and referees for baseball, softball and soccer.  Must be 14 years old or older. Pay is based on experience. Applications are available at City Hall or online at First review of applications: 03/31/19, EOE.

  Under supervision of the City Clerk, the Office clerk's primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to utility billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections and customer service.  The employee in this position maintains the computer files and is responsible for utility fees and money collected.  The office clerk follows prescribed policies and procedures, and once responsibilities are defined little supervision is required.
Examples of Work

  • Maintains the computer files and enters meter readings and account information;
  • Enters maintenance information to customer accounts on the computer;
  • Accepts payment of utility bills through the mail or over-the-counter;
  • Bills all utilities and sends out utility invoices, delinquent notices and termination notices;
  • Collects wiring and tap fees, zoning fees and recreation fees and prepares receipts;
  • Posting utility receipts and miscellaneous revenues;
  • Assists with answering the phone;
  • Other related duties as deemed necessary or as required.

Position Requirements
Experience: One to three years of computer operator experience is required.  Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well after six months to one year in the position.
Education: High school diploma or GED.  Coursework in accounting and computers helpful.
Skills:  Knowledge of computer entry and basic bookkeeping.  The ability to use tact and work well with utility customers.  The ability to operate a computer, typewriter, calculator, and other related office equipment.
Problem Solving: Limited problem solving exists in this position.  Problems include customer accounts to determine if an error has been made or if a leak may exist causing a high meter reading, locating posting and billing errors and computer malfunctions.
Decision Making: Limited decision making exists in this position.  Duties follow prescribed policies and procedures.  Decisions include whether to send out service orders to check for meter leaks.
Accountability: Employee is responsible for daily utility receipts and fees collected.  Employee does not participate in the annual department budget process.
Supervision:  Little or no direct supervision is provided and job related decisions are reviewed by the City Clerk.  Employee does not have supervisory responsibility over subordinate personnel.
Personal Relations: Frequent contact with other city departments and continual contact with the general public.
Residency:  The employee working in this position is required to reside within Anderson County.
Working Conditions:  No adverse working conditions exist in this position.

  The starting wage for this position is $14 per hour, depending upon qualifications and experience. The City offers an excellent benefit package including medical, dental and vision insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, and KPERS retirement, among others. The City of Garnett is an equal opportunity employer (EOE).  Job Description 

  Applications for this position will be accepted until filled or until March 31, 2019.

Apply online at

The Garnett Fire Department is currently recruiting volunteer fire fighters.  It takes a special person to fill the boots of a volunteer fire fighter.  If you have the desire, courage, and dedication to do something important for your community AND you are not afraid of hard work and are willing to accept the challenge; then we have a pair of boots waiting for you.
  Equipment and training are free.  Paid per run and per meeting with additional benefits available.
  For more information contact the Garnett Fire Department at 785-448-3042 or City of Garnett Human Resources at 785-448-5496.

Volunteer Firefighter

Please note:  Positions currently available require residency inside Anderson County, Kansas, or as stipulated in the job description.

Lifeguards, Seasonal Maintenance Workers

  The Garnett Parks and Recreation Department is taking applications for lifeguards and seasonal maintenance workers for the summer. Lifeguards must be 15 years of age or older. Maintenance workers must be 16 years of age or older. Pay: $7.25 per hour.  Applications are available at City Hall or online at First review of applications: 03/31/19, EOE.

City Employment Opportunities

Office Clerk

Referees and Umpires

  The City of Garnett is looking for an intelligent, self-motivated, and community oriented individual with excellent problem solving skills to join our Police Department as a full-time Patrol Officer.  In addition to these attributes, the ideal candidate will have strong integrity.  The Garnett community boasts a new hospital (less than two years old), modern school facilities, and tremendous parks and recreational amenities. 
  Patrol officers work 12 hours shifts and have every other Friday through Sunday off regardless of seniority level.  There are opportunities for advancement in this agency to include supervisory positions, investigative positions and slots on a multi-jurisdictional tactical team that covers six different counties.  Our fleet of vehicles consists of highly maintained and up to date Dodge Chargers.
  Residency must be established in Anderson County within 90 days of being hired by the City. 
  Duties and responsibilities include enforcing all federal, state and local laws and ordinances; taking calls for service; patrolling business districts and residential neighborhoods to deter and detect crime; investigating complaints; citing and/or arresting law violators; following up on pending reports and cases; preparing and/or serving civil law processes; protecting person(s) or property; and securing and protecting prisoners.  When not responding to calls for service, department members are expected to use self-directed work time in an efficient manner by self-initiating work on those tasks identified by supervisory personnel as priorities for this job position. 
  Minimum qualifications include, high school or GED diploma, 21-years of age at time of appointment, no criminal record, possess a valid Kansas driver's license and able to pass written aptitude test, polygraph, extensive background check, interview board, drug screen and psychological testing.

  The starting wage for this position is $15-18 depending upon qualifications. The City offers an excellent benefit package including medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, paid holidays, and KPERS retirement, among others. The City of Garnett is an equal opportunity employer.

Human Resources Department

Garnett City Hall

P.O. Box H

131 West Fifth Avenue

Garnett, KS  66032

785.448.5496  Ext: 226

Nancy Hermreck,

Human Resources Director

Police - Patrol Officer