​Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Simply...Garnett, Kansas

The Donna Harris Memorial Park was developed after the demolition of the former Richart Hotel. Dr. C. B. Harris, Jr. had his physician’s practice in offices housed within the Richart Hotel for many years until his retirement.  His wife, Donna, was a very active person in the community, belonging to a variety of organizations.  Upon her untimely passing, Dr. Harris and his family made a contribution to the City of Garnett for the development of the Donna Harris Memorial Park on the site of the razed hotel.  The park features native landscaping, a concert area, a sitting area surrounding a water fountain and a Victorian clock. 

Mural is Kansas Attraction

Donna Harris

A Family Legacy

  The mural (right) is the work of young, local artists Tessa McCown, Lillian Richardson and Asa Young. This was a volunteer contribution of their talents to the community with public donations paying for the materials. The mural is located along the wall at the Donna Harris Memorial Park, courtesy of Joe and Betty Lytle.

  Tourists exploring Kansas make a point to stop and admire the mural and enjoy the relaxing rural atmosphere of sitting on a bench under shade trees in a "small, serene" and simple city. 

This unique sculpture is on display south of the Santa Fe Depot.   It was created by artist Jennelle Mundel, a former Garnett resident for the Harris Family in memory of Dr. C.B. (Jr.) and Donna Harris.  The fine textured limestone sculpture is of the flora and fauna of the Ozark Plateau with the addition of Donna’s favorite flower, the geranium, which she painted pictures of and grew.  A plaque rests on the stone which reads: “Unity Creates Possibilities.  Together we can achieve our goals.”

Harris Memorial Sculpture -

Santa Fe Depot, 8th Ave & Main St

Donna Harris Memorial Park​

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Simply...Garnett, Kansas