For regulations and ordinances concerning specific species of animals, please contact Garnett City Hall.

Please Note:

FEE: A fee charged is $7.50 for a sexually altered (neutered or spayed) animal, and $20 for a pet that is not sexually altered.  This rate is in effect from first business day in January to the last day of February of each year.  As of March 1, the fees will double to $15 and $40 respectively.  Replacement tag fees increase from the prior charge of $1 to $5.  


Mark your calendar to get your pets licensed in January or February, prior to the deadline of March 1.  

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Pet licensing is required within the city of Garnett during the months of January and February of each year without penalty.  New pets acquired during the year who are licensed within 10 days of new ownership can also be licensed without penalty.  Licenses can be purchased at Garnett City Hall during normal business hours.

Pet Licensing Information

Certificate of current rabies vaccination provided to you by your veterinarian is required at time of city permit purchase.  This certificate must show the name of animal, breed, declare if the animal has been sexually altered or neutered, and state the rabies vaccination tag number and date the vaccination expires.


The City Clerk will send notification to a pet owner 30 days in advance of the expiration of their rabies tag.  Owners will be required to provide the new rabies information to the city within 30 days of notification.  Failure to comply will result in the tag being revoked and a fine issued.


Mark Your Calendar!

Aggressive Dogs:

The Garnett City Commission has regulations that apply to the keeping of agressive dogs within the city limits. New residents that have pets, first time pet owners, or persons considering acquiring a new pet are encouraged to obtain a copy of city regulations pertaining to the ownership of animals within the city of Garnett.  This information is free and available at Garnett City Hall, 131 West 5th Avenue.