This project is asking for individuals, organizations and businesses to consider becoming a hole sponsor.  Sponsorship: Ranges fro $500 for the following Garnett Long Cedar Disc Golf Course or $300 for the Teach a Child to Pay course.

Sponsorship provides the following:

  • Approved for Championship level play by the PDGA
  • 10-year warranty for all manufacturer issues (ie. Rust, non-act of god breakage)
  • 28 total chains - 14 inner and 14 outer chain sets made of industry first 18-8 stainless steel
  • Galvanized with a powder coated finish
  • Tension screws are included for increased stability
  • Ground sleeve, locking collar, and padlock included (Permanent version)
  • Vibrant white 4" tall deflector band improves visibility in all conditions
  • Included 2.5" vinyl hole numbers are easy to read
  • Additional ground sleeves available to allow for multiple basket locations
  • 1- 80 lbs Bag of Concrete per basket
  • Concrete Pad: (Pads average 4x8-5x12) that includes gravel, digging out pad for drainage and finish grade and approximately 18 80 lbs bags of concrete.
  • Standard Framed Tee Sign, 8"x11" Lexan plate insert, designed for durability, Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and frame for extra security & durability.
  • Donor name plate: The name of donor or honoree as indicated by sponsor.

Setting a New Trend in Garnett, Kansas

Welcome to Garnett's New  

PDGA Approved Disc Golf Course

Garnett Long Cedar Disc Golf

Disc Golf Course      League Play

ABOUT THIS PROJECT:  The North Lake Disc Golf Course will be PDGA approved at the highest level possible and its design is to last for many years to come.  Disc golf is a free sport (no course fees charged) that promotes good exercise and family time.  People around the country often travel hundreds of miles to play a good, creative course, and this one will qualify as just that.  It also has the potential to generate a great deal of income to our local businesses as a good, well known tournament can generate 200-300 visitors who will need hotels and food while staying in town.  This will also be a great asset to people living in Garnett and also a draw to potentially bring more people into our warm and fun community!  
  It is also our desire to see a Disc Golf Association started locally.  The Long Cedar Disc Golf League is made up of local people who would be interested in the sport and help maintain and manage the course.  The City has agreed to keep mowed and minor maintenance.
  With the support of faithful sponsors, have made it possible to get 18 holes, baskets and signs on the ground in 2017.  Labor was provided by many local volunteers and city employees. Funds for the first 18 holes was fund-raised and turned in to the Garnett Community Foundation.  It is our desire to see the remainder up to 24 holes on the ground summer of 2018.

  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to make a donation to this project. Donations made payable to the Garnett Community Foundation in any amount or $500 to sponsor one of 24 holes.  Donations can be dropped off at Garnett City Hall.


Pastor Chris Goetz, Ministeriall Alliance Contact/GAPP Coordinator

Project Organizer

The Garnett Area Paint Project (GAPP), in partnership with the Garnett Community Foundation, are diligently working to finish a Professional Disc Golf Association approved course in Garnett's North Lake Park.
Contact Chris Goetz by Email
Telephone: 503.474.7965

First league night for 2021 season. Open to any and all wanting t oplay disc golf in a group setting with a non-competitive environment.

Become A Hole Sponsor

league night kickoff - 5:30 pm

tuesday, march 23, 2021

The Garnett Disc Golf Club is making an effort to build a “Teach a Child to Play Disc Golf Course.”  We have looked into it and to our knowledge there are no disc courses like this in the USA.  It is our desire to start a trend by building this course and having the media blow it into the rest of the USA.  I have confirmation that we will have Professional Disc Golfers in attendance when we kick off the new course.  
  We are looking for people who are willing to sponsor a hole! for $300 we will place a permanent marker on the disc basket “Donated by” and your name or business.  We are looking for 7 sponsors for 6 baskets (9 total in future) and a large sign that will teach our children how to play disc golf.  This course will be used every day during recess and will also be used for Physical Education each year.  It is our hope that you will consider getting behind this valuable health initiative.  American children are spending far too much time behind the screen of a computer or video game.  Will you help us make the fastest growing sport in the world a reality for our school in Garnett?  
  Donations can be made to the Garnett Community Foundation or The First Christian Church.
  In the Fall it is also our clubs desire to give every child in GES a disc with the club logo and a bull pup logo on it.  This is added incentive to encourage people to give it a try.


Chris Goetz & The Garnett Long Cedar Disc Golf Club

Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Teach a Child to Play Disc Golf