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Advisory Board Members                             Terms Expire          

Susan Caron                                                     12/31/2023

Travis Wilson                                                     12/31/2023

Laurel Ladewig                                                  12/31/2024

Krystal Baugher                                                 12/31/2024

Paula Wallace                                                    12/31/2025

Nicole Stevenson                                               12/31/2025

Tom Emerson    (Chair)                                      12/31/2025

Taking direction for the Garnett Tourism Advisory Committee, Susan and Kris carry out the day-to-day goals and objectives.

Susan Wettstein, Director Community Development Director

Garnett Tourism Advisory Committee

Minutes are not posted until approved by committee during their meeting.

Contact information: 
Email: Garnett Tourism  
Telephone: (785) 448-5496  
Garnett Tourism Advisory Committee 
C/O Garnett City Hall  131 W. 5th Avenue 
P.O. Box H  Garnett, Kansas 66032

Kris Hix

 Administrative Assistant

Simply...Garnett, Kansas

About Us:
Garnett Tourism Advisory Committee is comprised of seven volunteers.  The committee was created and established by the Garnett City Commission by ordinance on April 24, 2007.  The responsibilities of this committee are:  

-          To study, investigate and develop programs and plans to create and maintain an environment

            in which tourism can flourish in Garnett and in the adjacent areas of Anderson County.
-          Foster communication regarding and encouraging collaborative marketing strategies to maximize

           Garnett as a competitive tourist destination.
-          Counsel the Governing Body and the City Manager regarding all aspects of tourism and the

           promotion thereof, including but not limited to the expenditure by the Governing Body of Garnett’s

           transient guest tax monies.  Click HERE for a Transient Guest Tax Fund Request Form / Application.
-          Assist the City in seeking grants of outside funding to further tourism, and if the City is a grantee

           recipient of grant funds, to give the Governing Body counsel and advice regarding the expenditure

-          When requested by the Governing Body, consider, investigate, make findings and report and

           recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of the Board’s work.

This advisory committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. It consists of seven (7) members who serve three (3) year terms.  At least one (1), but no more than two (2) members may be non-city residents.  They are directly responsible for overseeing the tourism promotion and marketing activities for the City of Garnett.