Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Commissioner Brigitte Brecheisen-Huss has requested the original city ordinance documents be placed on this, the official website of the City of Garnett, Kansas, to preserve the historic value of these papers for the public to see. 

  Summer intern, Brody McClain, carefully scanned each page of the documents contained herein.  We thank him for his due diligence in helping with this project.

  The process is now underway to add the approximately 2,000 documents (.pdf format). When an ordinance number is skipped, it is due to the ordinance number being used as a "claims ordinance" to approve the city's payment of bills, etc. In some instances, there are number duplications. Otherwise, once complete all adopted ordinances can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these ordinances have been repealed and/or replaced.

View the Unofficial City Code.

The information found on this link has not been formally approved by the City Commission, but is the most accurate record of Garnett City Code online at this time.

Brody McClain, Summer Intern (2018)

Use this list to search for specific, original ordinances. Open the file and use Ctrl+F to search.

Simply Garnett - Ordinance Search

Original ordinances have been scanned and placed online for the public to view. Please note that during this process some of the files become very large and must be compressed. This process may cause some of the files to become hard to read. Hard copies are kept on file at City Hall.