Simply...Garnett, Kansas

​Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Download Garnett Tourism TODS Grant Program Application

Definition of Transient Guest Tax:

A tax collected by lodging establishments from their overnight guests that is remitted to the Kansas Department of Revenue on behalf of the city. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the tax is returned to the city for use in promoting tourism. The remaining 2% is kept by KDOR to offset the cost of administering the tax. The current transient guest tax rate as set forth by city charter ordinance is: 6%.

Garnett Tourism grant programs are funded through Transient Guest Tax as allowed by the annual budget of the City of Garnett. Final approval of fund use is by the City Commission after receiving recommendations from the Garnett Tourism Advisory Committee.

Purpose of Non-Marketing Grant funding:
The purpose of transient guest tax funds is to fulfill the requirements set forth by the Garnett Tourism Mission Statement: To promote tourism in Garnett and Anderson County in cooperation with both public and private sectors, fostering communication and encouraging collaborative marketing strategies; generating travel and enhancing the image of Garnett and Anderson County; to maximize employment and to benefit the economy and quality of life in Garnett and the surrounding area by developing and promoting Garnett and Anderson County as a competitive tourist destination.

Purpose of Funds:
The purpose of transient guest tax funds is to promote tourism and bring visitors to Garnett and Anderson County. This grant program encourages Gas, Food, Lodging, Campground/RV Parks, and Attractions businesses to participate in the Tourist Oriented Directional Sign Program (TODS) on designated sign structures located, or to be located, as vehicles approach the Garnett city limits on U.S. Highway 59 and U.S. Highway 169. The more businesses featured on these signs, the more likely for travelers to stop in Garnett.

This grant program is a reimbursable grant allowing half of the initial signage expenses equaling the first year’s participation expense up to and including one (1) sign and (1) directional sign, up to a total of three (3) structure locations, as approved by the Kansas Department of Tourism, Kansas, Kansas Logos and the Kansas Department of Transportation. Transient Guest Tax Funds will reimburse those costs as follows:

  • $240 toward the approximate $480 annual sign fee;
  • $75 toward the approximate $150 setup fee;
  • $60 toward the approximate $120 directional sign fee.

Total reimbursement not to exceed $375 of the approximate $750 fees per structure location. 

Transient Guest Tax funds are utilized for this program as recommended by the Garnett Tourism Advisory Committee and approved by the Garnett City Commission. Deadline to apply for this grant program is October 1, 2022.  Please contact Susan Wettstein or Kris Hix at Garnett City Hall for more information.

Download Garnett Tourism Marketing Grant Application

Download Garnett Tourism Non-Marketing Grant Application

Contact information: 
Email: Garnett Tourism  
Telephone: (785) 448-5496  

Address / Mailing Address:
Garnett Tourism
C/O Garnett City Hall 

131 W. 5th Avenue 
P.O. Box H  Garnett, Kansas 66032

Tourist Oriented Directional Sign Program Grant

INSTRUCTIONS: Download the grant application of your choice and answer all of the information completely except when there is an "After Event Report". The After Event Report, along with reimbursement documentation, is due upon the completion of the event/project.

If at any time you have questions regarding these grant offerings, please contact Garnett Tourism. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you.

Purpose of Marketing Grant Funding:
The purpose of transient guest tax funds is to promote tourism and bring visitors to Garnett and Anderson County.  Only items which advertise, promote or entice visitors to the local area will be considered for funding under this application.

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