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A Full Service City!
Welcome to Garnett, Kansas.  We are a full-service city providing electricity, natural gas, water, sanitary sewer and refuse services to residents and commercial businesses within our boundaries.

Our city bills all of our services on one convenient utility bill that is mailed to all customers the last day of the month.  Payment is due on or before the 15th day of the month. 


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The Anderson County Recycling Trailer is available for you to drop off recyclables on the second Tuesday of each month in the parking lot of the Garnett Country Mart.  More... Anderson County Landfill

A customer’s awareness and understanding of our city’s natural gas system is key to helping maintain the most safe and effective way we transport energy.  In our nation’s time of heightened security, it is more important than ever to help guard against damage or attack.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to serve as an extension of our safety efforts.

Report Trouble.  Report to the City of Garnett any suspicious activities, exposed pipe or damaged facilities (meters, regulator settings and buildings).

Call Kansas One-Call.  Remind excavators to use the Kansas One-Call System.  IT IS THE LAW.
Call before you dig.  It is a toll-free call, 1-800-DIG-SAFE (1-800-344-7233), or simply Dial 811.
Wait for the site to be marked by utility, cable or telephone company personnel. Respect the marks.  Dig with caution.
Leak Recognition –
  Despite our efforts to monitor and protect our facility from damage, leaks happen.  The best way to detect a pipeline leak is to
                use your sense of sight, sound and smell. 

Look for …

  • Dead vegetation.
  • Bubbling in standing pools of water.

Listen for …

  • Unusual noises like hissing, whistling or roaring sounds.

Smell for …

  • The specific odorant put in natural gas.
  • Strange and unusual gaseous or chemical odors (such as skunk, rotten eggs or petroleum type of smells).

Suspect a Leak? – STAY SAFE! 

Follow these instructions:  If you think you smell natural gas, report it to the Gas Department as soon as possible by calling Garnett City Hall, 448-5496. If after business hours, call the Anderson County Law Enforcement Dispatch Center at 448-6823.  
GAS EMERGENCY:  If you have a gas emergency and the gas odor is very strong and it seems to be everywhere, DO NOT USE your telephone.  Evacuate Immediately.  DO NOT OPERATE any light switches or attempt to air out the house.  Leave the area.  Go to a neighbor’s house.  Upon reaching a safe distance Dial 911 and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

Lastly, I would again like to reiterate the city’s new ordinance pertaining to the existence of bare steel gas service lines, yard lines and gas lines that enter homes underground.  Bare steel gas lines are a real safety concern because they are old and have been corroding since they were installed years ago. The longer these lines are in use, the higher the potential is for a gas leak to occur. The Gas Department surveys the entire natural gas system every year, checking for leaks.  There is always odorant in the gas, at all times, to help us determine if there is a gas leak.  This is a good reactive approach to natural gas safety, which means if there is a leak, we recognize it, report it, and have it repaired.

An ordinance requiring the replacement of these types of gas lines is now being enforced.  When a property is sold either by a realtor, auction, or independently by the owner, if bare steel gas lines exist they must be replaced.  Both the seller and buyer need to be aware and understand the regulations regarding this ordinance.  The ordinance affects as many as 800 homeowners in Garnett.  In the case of bare steel gas lines, we must take a proactive approach as well.  This means we eliminate the source of the leak before it occurs.  As Director of the Gas Department for the City of Garnett, my number one concern is for the safety of our customers. 

Additional information on gas safety, leak recognition and response is always available and on display at city hall. If you have any questions regarding natural gas, please call city hall and I will be happy to return your call and visit with you.

Thank you,
City of Garnett

Gas and Water Department

Customers have options on how to receive and pay City of Garnett monthly utility bills. In the past, utility bill cards were sent by mail to all utility customers. Now, as of May 2021, utility bills sent by mail have a new look.  The bill is a full page that comes sealed in an envelope.
  There are other ways to receive and pay your bill:

  • Garnett utility customers can sign up to receive their utility bills by email. See "SIGN UP NOW!" fillable form (right).
  • Customers can use the automated draft option through GSSB or Patriots Bank (local banks only). Call our Utility Staff to set up this option.
  • After receiving the utility bill by mail or email, customers can pay online, see ONLINE PAYMENT.

For assistance, please contact the Utility Office at Garnett City Hall, 785.448.5496.

If you experience your electric, natural gas or water "off" or other issue, please contact us during regular business hours at Garnett City Hall, 785.448.5496. For emergency or storm related issues after hours, contact the Anderson County Law Enforcement Dispatch Center, 785.448.6823.

In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

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​Simply...Garnett, Kansas

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