Established in 1951, the Walker Art Gallery is a special gift of amazing art given to the City of Garnett by former native, prominent art dealer of the 1930's, Maynard Walker.  The collection of early twentieth century American paintings, sculptures and drawings, with a dash of European works of art, is housed within the Garnett Public Library facility, 125 W. 4th Avenue.

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Walker Art Gallery

Anderson County Historical Society Museum and Attractions

Simply...Garnett, Kansas

The Anderson County Historical Society was formed in 1968 to preserve the rich history of Anderson County. The facilities in which the Historical Society maintains and preserves for public view are:

  • The Anderson County Historical Museum, 418 W. 6th Avenue, Garnett;
  • The Harris House, 405 W. 4th Avenue, Garnett;
  • The Gerth Cabin, 32446 NE Trego Road, Greeley.

The Anderson County Historical Society website is:


Dive into the history, the stories, the artifacts that tell what made Garnett great and Anderson County amazing!

​Simply...Garnett, Kansas

Simply...Garnett, Kansas